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Dissonant Distance/Consequences of The Light


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Oscar Hansson Oscar Hansson Oscar Hansson
Oscar’s journey of his artistic self-discovery started when he worked with the great Hungarian composer and pianist, György Szabados, who opened a new world of free-jazz and experimental music for him.
His career began by performing in school bands and founding the band Dantes with his friends. In 2010, after playing in a few other bands, Oscar was invited to join the band of the best progressive-rock guitarist in Hungary, János Varga.
Since 2015 he also touring as a solo artist.
Current bands and projects:
Dynamite (rock band)
Dissonant Distance (power trio with Jay Matharu and Andras Salyik)
Odd Strings (bassguitar duo with the Italian master Augusto Gentili)
S.L.A.P. (progressive band with Augusto Gentili, Vittorio Mazzola and Massimiliano Varotto)
Oscar Hansson Piano Trio (jazz trio with Augusto Gentili and Massimiliano Varotto)